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Direct Primary Care

What is a DPC clinic and how does it work?

Practically speaking, DPC (Direct Primary Care) is a membership model for healthcare. Every patient pays a flat monthly fee to become a member of With Hope’s DPC practice for access to a wide range of personalized healthcare services.

What are the benefits of membership? 

Put simply: access to a provider that cares about you. And because your provider isn’t spending hours on the administrative tasks of billing insurance companies, she has more time to spend developing relationships with her patients and focusing on their care. 

Please see the scope of services list for more details about DPC membership at With Hope.

Fee Schedule for Membership


age 0-18

$35per month*

*with one paid parent or guardian membership


age 19-49

$55per month


age 50-64

$65per month


age 65+

$95per month


$225per month

*Membership price is capped at $225 for families with two parents/guardians and four or more children.

Meet Hope Jensen

Let me begin by telling you my healthcare career journey.

My youngest brother, William, was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was just eleven months old. I was in grade school at that time, and throughout his treatments was always intrigued by anything related to his therapy. I would even beg my mother to let me give him his growth hormone injection.  

After completing training as a certified nursing assistant in high school and working at the Friendship Home in Audubon for my first health-related job, I attended Creighton University in Omaha to complete my Bachelor of Science in nursing.

The next five years of my nursing career were spent in a hospital setting. While I enjoyed my work as a nurse, I was always frustrated that my care was only a tiny fragment of the overall health of a patient. I felt I could make a much larger impact if I was the provider. I returned to Creighton University and completed my masters program in 2007, and have been practicing as a family nurse practitioner for the last 15 years.

My philosophy to great healthcare really comes down to one thing: listening.

Patients want to tell their story, share their concerns and struggles, and they want someone alongside them to help guide them on their health journey. In our current healthcare model, I was being asked to see more patients in less time and spent hours every evening clicking on boxes of the electronic health record. So much of my time and energy was being taken away from the actual care of the patient.

The model of direct primary care cuts out all of the red tape and puts the focus back on the patient, where it should be. Are you ready to start this journey with me?

I give special thanks to my family for supporting me alongside this adventure. Pictured here are my husband Jerome and daughters Gwen and Audrey. 

Interested in Membership?

With Hope provides affordable and accessible direct primary care to Audubon and the surrounding communities by restoring the provider patient relationship and empowering patients to improve their health.